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Carole Spiers International, World Authority on Executive Stress

12 Good Reasons to Book Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur Carole Spiers

Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur Carole Spiers

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  1. Electrifying Platform Presence
    Every audience responds to it. Every testimonial trumpets it.
  2. Blue-chip Clientele
    Top players across government, industry and the professions
  3. Truly International Stature
    Capetown … Dubai … Kuala Lumpur … call it global compatibility
  4. Popular Return Guest
    The ultimate test - that invitation to a triumphal return visit
  5. MD of Successful Consultancy
    The hallmark of entrepreneurship, leadership and business knuckle
  6. Top Niche in Stress Management
    Chair of the International Stress Management Association (2001-2002)
  7. Understanding the Speaker Business
    Immediate Past President of the London Chapter of the Professional Speaking Association (2006-2008)
  8. Author of Industry Bible
    ′Tolley′s Stress Bible′, the must-have for every HR department
  9. Pleasing Global Audiences
    Regularly interviewed on quality radio & TV programmes
  10. Chair at Prestigious Events
    Authority edged with humour - only some have it. She does.
  11. Pro Bono Experiences and Insights
    Understanding hidden zones of society that many never know
  12. Hard to Kill
    Twenty years on the road - stickability you′ll want to emulate
"Your innovative workshop on Organisational Change for our Top Team was really an eye-opener, and an ignition to what I call a 'mindset change process.' We all felt thoroughly engaged and involved in this important issue. In particular, we now focus carefully on the needs of those who may be challenged by new systems and methods. Truly we understand your main message that no-change is no option and have the strategies to take us forward."
Hayyan Al Habib, Director, Al Habib Group (Oman)

To Book carole for a memorable presentation at your next conference contact Sam Turner on: +44 (0)20 8954 1593 or by email at:

Carole Spiers Group

PSA - Immediate past President London Chapter of the Professional Speakers Association UK


ISMA - International Stress Management Association

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