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Carole Spiers International, World Authority on Executive Stress

Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur and Awards Host, Carole Spiers

Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur Carole Spiers

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Motivational Speaker, Author, and World Authority on Workplace Stress …
Combining credibility and charisma for audiences worldwide.

Carole presents Dubai the land of dreams Carole presents "Dubai - the Land of Dreams" to the Global Speakers Summit, South Africa. [1m.26s] download Carole's presentation portfolio
Download Carole's presentation portfolio

Secrets of Success from Entrepreneur and Business speaker, Carole Spiers …
Carole′s credibility is rooted in twenty years′ success as an Entrepreneur and CEO of one of the UK′s leading consultancies on Occupational Stress & Employee Wellbeing. Her focus is on developing a healthy workplace culture through the successful management of stress and organisational change - underpinned by a compelling philosophy that the key to success is to be found within us all.

World-class Motivational Speaker and Awards Host …
Carole is a high energy speaker able to combine inspiration with insight. Her charismatic style and emotional rapport with audiences has earned her immense popularity in the contrasting cultures of the UK and UAE, bringing proven benefits to Blue Chip clients around the world. Her unique flair of engaging with her audience makes her a sought after Awards Host for high-profile celebrity event.

Sellout Business Speaker who Delivers a Keynote Presentations that has
been shown to Changed Attitudes and Mindsets …
Carole live in Abu Dhabi
′Release the Hidden Entrepreneur in You - Lift Off to Success!′
′Show Stress Who′s Boss!′
′The DNA of a Healthy Corporate Culture′
′Change is your Opportunity for Growth′
′It's a Deal - Secrets to Effective Negotiation′
′How to Deliver High-Impact Presentations′

Motivational Speeches and Personal Success Seminars for Entrepreneurs …
Carole′s inspirational style and range of topics are equally suitable for a curtain-raiser, closing speech or a major conference. She can carry a full-day event with confidence, either as Speaker, Conference Chair or Awards Host.

Carole Spiers Keynote speaker Workplace Stress Expert on Call to the Media …
Carole is frequently interviewed by major newspapers such as The Times, Financial Times as well as appearing on BBC, CNN, Sky and Bloomberg. Carole is an acclaimed weekly columnist for the prestigious Gulf News, the Emirates leading daily newspaper and is author of a new book "Show Stress Who's Boss!", Tolley′s ′Managing Stress in the workplace′, and "Turn Your Passion into Profit".

Professional Speaker ...
In the UK, Carole launched National Stress Awareness day on behalf of the International Stress Management Association of which she is a Fellow and Past Chair. She is also a Former President of the London Chapter of the Professional Speakers Association.

Carole is proud to work alongside an International Speaker Bureau and many others.

Carole′s philosophy is timeless, yet also topical to Credit Crunch conditions. "Both in managing current stresses and in preparing for the upturn, you need proven anti-stress strategies that are essential in retaining your existing top talent."

Carole Spiers' International Clients Include …
Abbey, Accenture, Allied Bakeries, Debenhams, House of Fraser, IBM, Walt Disney in the UK and Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company, College of the North Atlantic (Qatar), Al Habib (Oman), Dubai Cables, Entrepreneurs Association (Oman), Etisalat, Kanoo Group, Tecom in the Gulf Region.

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PSA - Immediate past President London Chapter of the Professional Speakers Association UK


ISMA - International Stress Management Association

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