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Motivational Speaker Carole Spiers FAQ's

Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur Carole Spiers

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Motivational Speaker, Carole Spiers, Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

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I understand you are a weekly columnist for the Emirates, Gulf News. Can you give me a quick link to your column?
Of course, here it is Or just send us an email and we will add your contact details to thousands of others who receive it weekly in their in-boxes.

Where can I download your FREE Special Reports?
Visitors to our website can view a large backlist of relevant articles and Special Reports. Just click here and choose the Report that most suits your requirements.

I would love to receive one of your FREE e-courses, which topics are available?
◊ 6-week Lifestyle Management course: Just click here to subscribe.
◊ 8-week e-Marketing course: Just click here to subscribe

"In a recession like this, with stress mounting daily, I needed a few fixed points. This 6-part weekly course provided just that … It takes a global expert like Carole to explain the symptoms and the cures with such reassuring authority. It's hard to think of anyone who would not benefit from this free e-course, so I've made a point of passing on the link to many of them".
Sandra Collins, Financial Adviser.

Your Privacy is our Priority

Is my email and contact information safe?
Absolutely! At CSI, we do not sell or share our list of subscribers or any other information received for product purchases. See our Privacy Policy.

Keeping in Touch With You

Do you write blogs or other items for interested net-users?
Yes, in fact we're rapidly developing these, owing to popular demand. We have two blogs - one for the UK and for the UAE - and you can use an RSS feed to receive them both.
Stress in the City!

Where can I find you on Social Networking sites?

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How can I pay for my purchases?
It's very simple and totally secure - all payments are handled by RBS WorldPay and you can purchase any products from our online catalogue safely and securely using your credit card.

What happens if I want to return a product?
At Carole Spiers Group we want you to be delighted with every item you purchase from us.
We do appreciate however, that there may be items that you wish to return, and so if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it to us in its original condition, unopened, within 7 days of the date you received it, and we will issue a full refund for the price you paid for the item.

Questions I am often asked as a Motivational Speaker

Which is your most popular speech?
It's called 'Show Stress Who's Boss', and it's suited to general audiences who have never considered stress management as a topic for study. This is the speech that combines my two main career-threads - as a stress consultant and as a motivational speaker.

"Carole Spiers' energy, experience and knowledge was greatly appreciated … the value she added was immeasurable. Her presentation was intelligent, interactive and energetic - just what we needed as the closing keynote to our Family Business Forum in Abu Dhabi."
Purva Hassomal, Director, Leaders of Abu Dhabi, Family Business Forum

Why do they call you 'The Speaker who's more than just talk'?
Because of my track-record at delivering tangible results to the most demanding of blue-chip clients. These counselling and training programmes have to pay for themselves, and often I first have to overcome sceptical attitudes in the boardroom.

Also twenty years as MD of my own international stress consultancy confirms entrepreneurship and a degree of business credibility, not always shared by other popular professional speakers.

How do you cope with audiences whose first language isn't English?
It means switching into International English - leaving out colloquialisms, and stripping the language down to basics. However, foreign businessmen and women usually pride themselves on their understanding of English, and they make attentive audiences.

Do you have any publications for sale after your performances?
Yes, an exciting range of books and CD's on Managing Stress and self-development. Clients like to encourage this; it engages and involves individual audience members in an informal atmosphere.

Interestingly enough, the best-seller is actually the smallest item of all - a credit-card sized stress-thermometer that fits on the tip of your finger!

Are you available as a Conference Chair as well as a Motivational Speaker?
Yes, this is a natural role for me. Experience and personality are pre-requisites together with just enough humour to lubricate the proceedings, and in a professional manner to deal with hecklers or attention-seekers who sometimes try to disrupt proceedings.

Are you available to give a Motivational presentation?
Contact my PA, Sam Turner and she will let you know immediately if I am available - email:

Can a hard copy of your Speaker pack be sent by post?
Yes! And you only have to request it. Call Sam on +44 (0) 20 8954 1593 or email her:

Where can I find your AV requirements?
All the information you need is at: The Speaking Setup

Please email me with any other questions you might have at: and I shall be delighted to hear from you.


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