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Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur Carole Spiers

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7 Dynamic Keynote Speeches that have Changed Attitudes and Inspire Results

Carole Spiers Motivational Speaker Live on Platform Inspirational Motivational Speaker Carole Spiers …

This is where information meets inspiration. Carole is a Motivational Speaker in the full sense. She has a unique ability for empowering people to change attitudes and mindsets that hold them back from unlocking their untapped potential.

Carole's credibility is rooted in twenty years' success as an Entrepreneur and CEO of the UK's No 1 Stress Management Consultancy. As author of Tolleys Managing Stress in the Workplace and Show Stress Who's Boss, she is regularly called upon by the BBC and many other international media for comment on workplace stress, resilience and wellbeing issues.

Her expertise is in constant demand in Boardrooms around the world where she shows organisations how they can profit from a healthy culture, buy developing the resilience to cope with pressure and minimise the rest of stress.

Carole is a high energy, motivational speaker able to combine inspiration with insight. Her charismatic style and ability to engage emotionally with audiences has led her to become a highly sought after keynote speaker working with equal success in the contrasting cultures of the UK and UAE to blue-chip clients in a wide range of industries from House of Fraser to Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company.

Carole is a unique blend of style and substance - able to distil twenty years of professional mastery into keynote speeches with style and pace. Your audience will enjoy deep insights, memorable anecdotes and new techniques they can start using at once.

Carole's dynamic style and range of topics are equally suitable for a curtain-raiser, closing speech or a major keynote. She can carry a full-day event with confidence, either as speaker or conference chair.

All the topics on this page can be delivered as keynote speeches, Masterclasses, interactive seminars or workshops.

Rich Content Customised Presentations as Standard

No second-hand talks here. You can count on a unique presentation, customised to your audience needs and corporate priorities. Carole will study the brief in-depth, liaising closely with you to prepare content-rich outlines for the event. Now read these synopses of sellout keynote speeches by Carole - the best starting-point for a uniquely individualized performance.

Download carole's presentation PortfolioDownload Carole's Keynote Presentation Portfolio

Watch Carole's ShowreelWatch Carole's Showreel

Keynote 1

Changing Times Demand Positive Leadership!

Human Change Management is not just a model for coping with a crisis. Employees need to be continuously shown the opportunities for personal growth in line with the organic changes happening around them, and you need to be able to manage the differing reactions within your team.

Carole's speciality is the human dimension of organisational change, with a topical emphasis on BREXIT e.g. dealing with an irrational fear of change; managing the inevitable; getting the team to work together quickly so that the business can move on.

As part of this popular 45-minute Keynote Presentation, you'll leave with a set of 10 Action Points, which have been found invaluable in the course of Carole's extensive experience in Government, Industry and the Professions, especially in the UK and UAE.

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"Your innovative keynote presentation on Organisational Change for our Top Team was really an eye-opener, and an ignition to what I call a 'mindset change process. We all felt thoroughly engaged and involved in this important issue. In particular, we now focus carefully on the needs of those who may be challenged by new systems and methods. Truly we understand your main message that no-change is no option and have the strategies to take us forward."
Hayyan Al Habib, Director, Al Habib Group (Oman)

Keynote 2

Resilience Under Pressure

Show Stress Who's Boss With businesses under pressure to maintain targets and retain existing talent under a global economic down turn, there is a special need to pressure-proof yourself and your team to enable optimum performance.

As CEO of one of the world's leading stress consultancies, we've been there before, helping blue-chip clients through the stress-effects of past recessions, by providing strategies that work.

Now benefit from our experience. Learn to recognise how pressure hardens into stress, how to build personal resilience, and formulate effective stress management interventions.

Discover a proven 3 Step Approach that you can implement immediately from this sellout 45 minute Keynote Presentation from a World Authority and BBC Broadcaster on Executive Stress with a long experience of tough economic times.

Watch Carole Live in London: Show Stress Who's Boss

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"Holding the attention of a multicultural audience for two hours is hard enough. Leaving them with a set of practical stress management tools ready to implement at once is Professionalism Plus! Our #top Team at Phoenix Pharmahandel has learned important techniques from your three presentations, and looks forward keenly to the prospect of more star appearances by Carole Spiers, as well as the solid information that they convey."
Florian Hohagen, Head of Personnel Development, PHOENIX Pharmahandel Aktiengesellschaft & Co KG, Mannheim, Germany

Keynote 3

Forging Relationships by Listening

Clear, convincing dialogue is a major weapon in conducting business - strengthening your powers of argument, averting communication breakdowns and helping you assert corporate values.

This vibrant presentation will give your executives a powerful, articulate edge in dealing with all manner of daily tasks, from routine interviews to public presentations, training sessions, return to work interviews, appraisals and performance reviews. To help them engage confidently with their teams and to retain existing talent.

In this powerful 45 minute Keynote, discover Carole's secrets of articulate communication - part logic, part intuition. A wide-ranging subject expertly condensed into its 3 Key Elements by a top, High Performance Coach and independent mediator.

Watch Carole Live from Vienna:

Communicating Is About Listening
Release the Hidden Entrepreneur in You - Lift off to Success!

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Keynote 4

Speaking to Engage & Influence

Public speaking is a valuable business tool that can influence important decisions. Yet it can cause embarrassing stage-fright, even in the most senior executives if they have not had expert training.

These fears can be overcome with proven techniques that will also enable inspiration and passion to shine through your delivery - to the immense advantage of both yourself and the company as a whole.

From this charismatic 45 minute Keynote Speech from the immediate Past President of the London chapter of the Professional speakers Association and BBC Broadcaster, you'll discover the inner secrets to the 3 Scientific Speaking Principles and develop a unique style, for presentations that will be remembered long after they have been delivered.

Watch Carole Live from Vienna:

How to Create a Positive Impact
Release the Hidden Entrepreneur in You - Lift off to Success!

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Keynote 5

'Release the Hidden Entrepreneur in You Lift-off to Success!'

Release the Entrepreneur in You Do you still see entrepreneurs as a remote class of achiever, to which you cannot hope to aspire?

Whether you're a full-time employee or a small trader, you can release your own entrepreneurship, and then replicate the success of these high-profile players sooner than you think.

It's all a matter of strategy, self-belief and inspiration, and it comes down to a few simple principles which can be easily taught and put into practice immediately. In no time, you'll be teaching them to the rest of your team, and asserting enterprise culture throughout your organisation. So that individually and collectively, you move into an altogether higher league.

This popular 45-minute Keynote Speech comes from a speaker with 20 years experience as an international CEO, for whom entrepreneurship has always been second nature.

"Are Entrepreneurs born or made?" hear Carole live on Dubai Eye.

Watch Carole Live from Vienna:

Keynote 6

'Turn Your Passion Into Profit'

Turn Your Pasion Into Profit Discover how to match your enthusiasm with a sound business strategy, and develop your vision into a success, whether as a solo operator, a team-leader or a high-profile brand-name.

This popular Keynote Speech will reveal the truth behind marketing yourself on a zero budget.

How to make money while you sleep … create your own mastermind team … develop your product range … become an expert voice on TV and Radio … learn hard marketing on the internet … write headlines and copy that sells.

Nobody would know more about self-marketing than someone who established her own business over 20 years ago, which is now an international consultancy to blue-chip clients worldwide. She provides the passion and instant access to a 5 step plan to promote your business successfully. Time you shared her energy and inspiration in this 45-minute Keynote Presentation by The Speaker Who's More Than Just Talk!

Buy 'Turn your passion into profit''Turn Your Passion into Profit' - Inspirational book of self-marketing - Buy Now!

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"Carole Spiers is walking proof that you can Turn Your Passion into Profit - the title of her charismatic presentation, demonstrating how to set yourself up in business with no investment, as she once did. At the Mayor of London's Capital Woman event, the audience showed such interest in her strategies that many of them wrote in later, reporting their successful application. No wonder she was demanded back the following year, to another rapturous reception. Carole is certainly one Capital Woman"
Roger Evans, Leader of the Conservative Group at the London Assembly

Watch Carole Live at Mayor of London's Capital Woman Event:

Turn your passion into profit
How to market your business on a zero budget

Watch Carole Live from Vienna:

Turn your passion into profit
Release the Hidden Entrepreneur in You - Lift off to Success!

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Keynote 7

'Building Growth and Good Hope in South Africa - brick by brick'

Building Growth and Good Hope in South Africa - brick by brick At last … someone has unlocked the secrets of how ordinary people succeed, against the odds, in becoming successful entrepreneurs.

A community not merely surviving but establishing and developing flourishing businesses against a backdrop of economic hardshi

Discover new insights from Carole's experiences in the townships of the Western Cape when she delivers her 8-point guide for growing successful people; building high performance teams; and boosting productivity and profitability.

If disadvantaged but enterprising people can build businesses from nothing, with minimum help and funding - imagine what you can achieve today?

Uncover a new world of potential growth for yourself in this unique keynote that provides a new meaning into inspirational stories of some remarkable individuals.

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Any of these presentations, workshops or frameworks can be adapted for your event or specific requirement. Please contact our team at any time to talk further.

… Or Entirely New topics for Presentations and Workshops
Carole's line-up of presentations is under perpetual development. So our worldwide network of researchers, experts and practitioners are fully geared to creating fresh themes and frameworks on demand.

Download carole's presentation PortfolioDownload Carole's Keynote Presentation Portfolio

If you've got a special need or interest, tell us about it. And see how our team can process it into a new presentation that exploits the Carole Spiers magic.

Now bring charisma and insight to your platform.

To book Carole for your next conference
Contact Sam Turner on: +44 (0)20 8954 1593 or at:

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