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Carole Spiers International, World Authority on Executive Stress

Coaching Your Senior Management

Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur Carole Spiers

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Coaching Your Senior Management to Become Inspirational Business Leaders

… with the specialist expertise of Carole Spiers, CEO of her own business group, with 20 years experience of drawing-out hidden executive talent and ensuring retention of top teams in a performance-driven culture.

Carole Spiers, World Authority On Executive Stress now bringing UK Expertise to the Gulf, with Customised Coaching, Mediation, Counselling & Training Services.

From the High Performance Coach Who Gets Results …

Reading a situation

  • Realistic goal-setting
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Informed decision making

Reading People

  • Effective team building
  • Communication skills
  • Inspired leadership
… Profit from these advantages now!

"I coach business leaders worldwide. Now let me work individually with your top executives and empower them to recognise their potential, be bold and step beyond their selfimposed boundaries and comfort zones. I'll help them overcome personal challenges by offering the right blend of personal support and self-insight to discover their full potential and help them achieve, exploit and maintain it."
Carole Spiers, World Authority on Executive Stress

Delivering Sustainable Success Through Top-team Coaching by Carole Spiers

Best for the Organisation …
Surest way to improve motivation, retain top talent and increase morale

Leading to win - Effectiveness within teams, and between teams
Galvanising group performance by upgrading skills and heightening confidence and leadership qualities of individual members for more effective interactions.

Growth and Competitiveness - Asserting core values, driving change
Promoting corporate values by coaching key executives in the appropriate culture, and using this method to facilitate new structures or leadership styles.

Best for the Individual …
Heavyweight coaching talent to equip you to get to the top - and stay there

Identifying challenges, overcoming barriers
Addressing the factors have been holding you back, including self-imposed boundaries. Possibly the first in-depth capability analysis of your career.

Focusing ambition, achieving targets
Individualised support for your own self-development, relationship and performance skills, brought to fulfilment through continuing mentoring.

Whichever Delivery Suits You Best

  • Face to face
    Focused coaching programme - intensive or year-round
  • By phone
    Same in-depth dialogue - conveniently accessed by appointment
  • By email
    Efficient downloadable coaching dialogue to action at your leisure
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