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Stress in the City Blog
Optimising the Venue for Sound, Light and Ergonomics

The best speech in the world can be ruined by even a small error in room set-up - poor ventilation, an awkward lighting-scheme, a badly-placed mike. But by attending to a few simple rules, you can optimise both stage and auditorium, to heighten the focus and impact of any presentation from start to finish.

Twenty years of sellout appearances all over the world have given Carole a keen awareness of the best use of a given space, large or small. You may like to review her venue-planning priorities:

The big things …

stage set up
  • Stage - area and height to be in proportion to room-size
  • Access - two aisles, theatre-style, to avoid queuing
  • A/V - technician and equipment positioned at back of room
  • Lighting - stage brightly-lit, with a spotlight-wash at the front
  • Temperature - optimum 68-70F for prolonged attention
The small things … microphone set up
  • Microphone - Unobtrusive wireless (lavaliere) tie-clip
  • Seat - On-stage bar-stool ideal for periodic resting
  • Table - with water-jug, perhaps concealed by flowers
  • Screens - when not in use, keep lights dimmed
  • Merchandise - display on a table to the right of the platform
Audio and/or video recording is permitted and encouraged, but a separate recording agreement must be signed prior to the event.


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