Does the stress that you’re under come in from one direction which you then package it and deliver it to someone else?

If so, do you really believe it’s actually gone?   Or does a significant amount stick around, like a chemical agent on a door handle? You can wipe it off, but it’s still there!  That’s because you cannot just wipe away stress, you have to find and deal with the stressor - the actual cause.

A stress roundabout is just about the worst position in any company or organisation.  He or she is like a sponge, constantly absorbing complaints, arguments, overwork, long hours, bullying and unrealistic deadlines - and then squeezing some out to drop on someone else.  But have you ever tried squeezing a sponge?  Then you’ll know you can only squeeze out half. The other half remains.  And that’s the same with stress.  So don’t be a stress sponge or a stress roundabout. 

Identify the problem or problems and deal with them, one by one. Now! Otherwise, one day someone will come in and find you with your legs up in the air and your eyes open.  And then the stress traffic will find another roundabout and another sponge to squeeze.

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