Creativity is the most mysterious of all the talents. Nobody knows where it starts or finishes.  That brilliant new idea may arrive out of the blue.  Or it may elude you, despite endless searching.

Fiction-writers find that they must sit down and write that story at once, or it will die on them. Others suffer hours of ‘mental block’. It’s all a great puzzle. So is there any way to control your creativity?

A good way to start is to control the stressors that inhibit creative work. Don’t let the pressure of work clamp you into a monotonous lifestyle or set-up needless emergencies, inducing tunnel-vision. Insist on a refreshing change of atmosphere. Go for a brisk walk. Listen to a favourite symphony. Or, as we like to say, make time to smell the roses.

Your overall health is also a big factor in the summoning of creativity  -  literally getting blood to the brain. Make this a lifestyle priority in any case, and the rewards will show-up vividly.

Then try to work under conditions that suit you personally. Are you a morning person or an evening person? Do you prefer a regular nine-to-five schedule or long marathon sessions? Do you work better when inspired by fine pictures and ornaments, or in a small, bare room with no distractions?

When you’re in a well-adjusted frame of mind, and working in a harmonious atmosphere, that is when you can achieve the right degree of concentration to search for those gems of creation.

Key Points

  • Creativity can be elusive and needs to be managed
  • Help your brain relax and concentrate on something new
  • Know when you’re at your most productive time of the day

Calculate your vulnerability to stress

A change of lifestyle can affect your chances of stress-based illness, which you can calculate on a scale of 1 to 100.

Bereavement, unemployment, a house-move, a new diet… these and many other common stressors have been analysed individually for their impact on health. It’s worth checking the table, especially if you’ve experienced more than one big change in the past year.

Another useful insight from Carole’s book ‘Show Stress Who’s Boss! - 

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