People who have been tempted to work late hours during the boom years are inclined to dream of a less busy period when they will at least be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

But that ‘less busy period’ seems increasingly liable to turn into a recession, with its accompanying job-insecurity and money worries  -  key stressors, that can lead to significant sleep loss.

We all know that feeling at 4 in the morning, the low point of our cycle when we are woken by the nightmare of every worst-case scenario coming true, all at the same moment, and, in an economic crisis, we live in that mode, 24/7. However, driving ourselves harder and working later, does not leave us delightfully drowsy and ready to drift off into a healing sleep. It just leaves us more stressed and more likely to toss and turn miserably until dawn breaks.

Seriously switching off

When top tycoons are asked for their lifestyle tips, they often mention the ability to be able to compartmentalize their problems  -  in other words, the ability to switch-off.

Perhaps that is an excellent way to combat unnecessary job-insecurity. Your natural concern over your situation should not be allowed to dominate your thoughts, day and night. Two hours of worrying about your overdraft does not move you any closer to a solution than just 30 minutes!

Preparing for an uninterrupted seven-hour sleep is your best hope of restoring the right mental and physical state in which to tackle your problems. And that important, last hour before bedtime is the key.

So treat those 60 minutes as sacred, and use them for winding-down. Strictly clear your mind of all your anxieties. Read an enjoyable book. Relax in front of the television. Listen to soothing music. Give yourself a little luxury like a scented bath or lavender spray, and think of teddy bears and the seaside. As you will have learned in these tips, sometimes it’s the little things…

Insomnia  -  summary

  • Job-insecurity can lead to a continuing spiral of sleeplessness
  • Working late keeps you wound-up and inhibits good sleep
  • Reserve the last hour before bedtime for soothing experiences

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