Stress can sometimes be hard to acknowledge in the business environment. Its symptoms may be seen as a sign of weakness, a failure to cope with the mounting pressures of business life in the digital age. Better keep it under wraps, many feel. There is fear and silence around mental health.

Still a taboo. Black mark against them. Affect their career prospects. They think that people won’t understand and it can be so. 

The problem is that these symptoms can lead to poor work-performance, which will count against you in your job. Sleeplessness, absence, fatigue, lack of concentration... these can cause serious errors and accidents, and put you in the danger-zone for dismissal. Knowing this, you can feel your tension-levels rising further, and the cycle speeds-up.

Clearly, we should try to forget the stigma and just own-up to our stress problems.

It is important for people to know that they are not alone.

What we need is enough role models in senior corporate positions who are willing to encourage their staff to report stress-symptoms, and review the many effective anti-stress interventions that are now widely available.

  • Stress sufferers are often ashamed of revealing their problem
  • The symptoms can affect work-performance and job prospects
  • Corporates should make stress-management a priority

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