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Sonya, is a Sales Manager in a Pharmaceutical company, a position that had taken her over 10 years to attain.  She prides herself on her

People who have been tempted to work late hours during the boom years are inclined to dream of a less busy period when they will at least be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep.


Teams look to their leaders for clear direction and focus, and also for motivation to get the job done.  Motivation can sometimes get lost and it is the test of a real leader that he or she is able to motivate and inspire their teams on a daily basis.

When a key manager moves on to a new job usually on a higher salary, it is automatically assumed that money alone was the incentive.

Professor Stephen Hawkins and Billy Graham were in many ways at the opposite poles of thought on many subjects but they had one very important common attribute - they could both speak to audiences both small and large.

That learned ability was also shared by Dr Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy and Winston Churchill and many others.

Does the stress that you’re under come in from one direction which you then package it and deliver it to someone else?

The duty of delivering bad news such as redundancy may fall on any of us at any time, often at short notice. In the HR profession, this is classified as a ‘client challenge’, and it is the subject of extensive verbal skills training in

Traffic jams, supermarket queues, computer crashes or a crowded metro are all stressors that can upset us and make us angry.  

We become irritable with our colleagues

Creativity is the most mysterious of all the talents. Nobody knows where it starts or finishes.  That brilliant new idea may arrive out of the blue.  Or it may elude you, despite endless searching.

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