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Working in stress management and workplace counselling, I sometimes come across a particular word that shows me there’s a stress issue which must be dealt with. This word, often heard in crisis situations, is the word ‘indispensable’.

A business meeting should be partly workshop and partly theatre - a good speaker will be well aware of this dual role. As a speaker, you should be aware of the fact that you’re in a forum where your strengths and weaknesses are on show,

If you think strength equates to being rigid and unbending, think again. Actually, there’s real strength in being supple, flexible, and ready to adapt. And when it comes to being resilient, it’s got much more to do with flexibility than steely fortitude.

Workplace bullying is commonly identified with the abuse of physical or hierarchical power. However, the effects of bullying from below by subordinates can be just as harmful and make a manager’s job almost impossible. 

As well as credibility, trustworthiness and communication skills, a mediator must enjoy outsider status  -  the sheer fact of being a neutral observer brings a new dimension to workplace conflicts.

I once had to perform some shuttle-diplomacy in a big electronics factory, where there was a dreadful atmosphere that hit you the moment you walked in.

The old problem of absenteeism has a curious mirror-effect we call Presenteeism  -  the psychological need to over-attend. Redundancy fears focuses the mind on attendance and often translates into presenteeism.

Stress can sometimes be hard to acknowledge in the business environment. Its symptoms may be seen as a sign of weakness, a failure to cope with the mounting pressures of business life in the digital age. Better keep it under wraps, many feel. There is fear and silence around mental health.

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