Carole Spiers 
C-Suite Coaching

As a CEO herself, Carole understands only too well the challenges of the C-suite team. 

Tough At The Top

An experienced coach and CEO herself, Carole will provide valuable perspective on the challenges and opportunities of the C-Suite - face-to-face, or by phone or email, to fit in with your busy work schedule.

Rank brings responsibility. Not just performing tasks, but initiating them and providing the vision and inspiration for a whole team to reach ambitious targets. It can mean long hours and relentless pressure.  It can even induce a sensation of loneliness, when you can't share your feelings without looking weak and out of control and so you end up bottling it up and being incredibly stressed. And it takes resilience to cope - the physical and mental fortitude to manage the daily challenges of an ever-changing corporate landscape.

Those New Boardroom Pressures…

Suddenly they all want a bit of you. And suddenly you’re having to fill multiple roles. The planner who can think round corners. The leader who needs to motivate people going through times of change. The communicator who can impress the media. And in a crisis, you’re the one they’ll all be turning to. It’s a formidable challenge, and you’ll handle it more confidently with a specialist executive coach to signpost the way forward.

…and How Pressure Turns into Stress

New responsibilities can lead to overwork and a poor life/work balance - steadily raising the physical and mental pressure. And when pressure is badly handled, it turns into stress. As an experienced stress management specialist, as well as a coach, Carole is ideally positioned to spot stress symptoms and help you pressure-proof yourself and your team, to enable optimum performance.

It All Starts With Managing Yourself

Promotion can be a satisfying experience. But those multiple responsibilities demand a new outlook in time management - the need to compartmentalize in a systematic way. Switching-off in the middle of a project is not easy but often necessary. Time Management is an integral part of managing pressure and Carole has made a major speciality of it. It’s all part of the ‘new you’, which you can develop successfully under the guidance of the right coach.

Keeping Ahead of the Competition

Her executive coaching programme is designed for those who need to improve their leadership, communication and public speaking skills enabling them fully to compete and thrive in the corporate environment.

Carole and the Boardroom Life

C-Suite executives need a coach with a calibre to match their own - one entrepreneur empathising with another, to engage fully with their agenda. Carole can claim this special status, both as a coach and a trusted advisor to corporate business, being regularly welcomed into exclusive high-level meetings all over the world. She is able to utilise this long experience of life at the top to provide valuable insights into the evolving challenges faced by senior executives today.

Choose the Delivery that Suits You Best

Different coaching packages are available, depending how much one-to-one time you will need with Carole.

Face to face   Focused coaching programme – intensive short-term, or year round 
By phone        Same in-depth dialogue - conveniently accessed by appointment 
By email         Efficient downloadable coaching which you can action when it suits you

Let her focus her thirty years of business success on to your challenges and opportunities - face-to-face, by phone or by email.

Personal Pricing Structure

The coaching packages are designed to suit individual requirements. Why not contact Carole today to discuss the best package for you?


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