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Female Coaching

Designed for women who need to face the current challenges of industry today

From One Business Woman to Another

The boardroom can be a rewarding place for a woman. But career planning for the female executive needs a particular brand of insight all of its own - best developed through formal coaching.

Carole Spiers will focus on how you can exploit the advantages, negotiate the pitfalls, and make sure that your talent, effort and leadership are fully acknowledged and appreciated.

Let her focus her twenty years of business success on to your challenges and opportunities - face-to-face, by phone or by email.

Moving on to New Challenges

Are those job-interviews proving an obstacle to your success? Making the right impact is a key skill for a woman with ambitions - whether it’s across a desk or on the stage of a big conference hall. Don’t start getting identified with failure or rejection. Your launch into the business world needs to be skilfully managed with the help of a coach who has empathy, so you start ahead and stay ahead.

Moving up to the Boardroom

Maybe your only view of the boardroom has been from the corridor. Well, you need to know how to recognize that glass ceiling - and get on the right side of it. Are you too shy to assert yourself as a leader? Do you measure up to the high standards expected of you? Have your junior staff got a problem deferring to a woman? All these issues can be resolved through expert coaching.

Show Stress Who's Boss

The pressure of long hours can have a detrimental effect on your health. The pressure to stay on sparkling form and maintain a good appearance is considerable as is the pressure to juggle a career and a family. If pressure is not handled firmly, it can lead to stress or even burnout. As a respected Stress consultant, Carole places particular emphasis on this in her coaching programme. You’ll soon see the difference in heightened physical and emotional wellbeing - even after one session.

Thriving in the Corporate Environment

As an experienced manager and business consultant on an international scale, Carole can truly relate to the current challenges facing a woman in the workplace. She is able to act as a trusted advisor and coach for women in business, with whom she can express strong empathy.

Her executive coaching programme is designed for women who are committed to getting ahead, improving their leadership, communication and public speaking skills enabling them fully to compete and thrive in the corporate environment.

Choose the Delivery that Suits You Best

Different coaching packages are available, depending how much one-to-one time you will need with Carole.

Face to face    Focused coaching programme – intensive short-term, or year round 
By phone         Same in-depth dialogue - conveniently accessed by appointment 
By email          Efficient downloadable coaching which you can action when it suits you

Let her focus her twenty years of business success on to your challenges and opportunities - face-to-face, by phone or by email.

Personal Pricing Structure

The coaching packages are designed to suit individual requirements. Why not contact Carole today to discuss the best package for you?


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