'Conquer the Fear of Speaking in Public'

ONE DAY High-Impact, Public Speaking Masterclass 

Delivered by Carole Spiers, International Motivational Speaker and BBC Guest-Broadcaster.

As a Fellow and Past President of the Professional Speaking Association London, she will show you how to influence audiences and win business!

Friday 10th May 2019 
09.00 to 17:00

Central London 

£495 incl. VAT

VALUABLE BONUS:  Price includes one-hour Skype coaching within 6 weeks of the Masterclass.

Download the Programme

Please click on the button below to download and read the programme. You will then see how spending 8-hours with Carole with conquer your fear of speaking in public.

Time You Conquered Your Fear of Public Speaking - once and for all!

•   High-impact Masterclass in the skills and drills of platform mastery
•   How to hold attention, carry conviction, and motivate any audience
•   Develop your individual style and stage personality 
•   Learn the interactive routines that stimulate rapport 
•   Personalised feedback on your own presentation

Speaking Masterclass

If You Dread Getting Up to Speak in Public, You're Not Alone...

Stage fright is literally the commonest phobia of them all - and the most unnecessary.  You're convinced there must be something wrong with your delivery, and the audience wont want you.
Your fears can be overcome easily and painlessly through the right interactive training, in the form of this one-day Masterclass in an intimate group.  Enabling a rare degree of individual attention, in a stress-free atmosphere, with time to analyse your performance in-depth, play up to your strengths, iron-out your weaknesses.

Delivered by a uniquely qualified presenter - Carole Spiers, a sought-after international motivational speaker and Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association.

What is Being Said About The Programme...

In this Masterclass, You’ll Discover How to:

•   Master control of your nerves when speaking in public 
•   Develop a more confident and persuasive vocal style 
•   Use body language to build rapport and keep your audience interested 
•   Use language emphasis to ensure that your key message is understood 
•   Plan and structure your presentations creatively for maximum impact  
•   Find out how to answer questions from the audience that won’t fluster you 

Speaking Masterclass

Building Your Brand as a Speaker

Themes:  Humour....timing and pacing...asserting confident authority
Topics:  Controlling your breathing for smooth delivery...Eye-contact to establish rapport...Body language to express personality and attitude
Tips and Tricks:  What to do with your hands...Coping with hecklers...
Art of the surprise ending ...and much, much more from Carole Spiers, the speaker who's more than just talk.

Immediate Outcomes

Raising your game - by optimising your boardroom dialogue 
  Raising your profile - by inspiring large conference audiences  
Raising your income - by making successful presentations 

Click on the button below to download and read the programme.  
You will then see how spending 8-hours with Carole will conquer your fear of speaking in public.

Speaking Masterclass

Even the Smallest Meeting Requires Stagecraft

“In business, you face endless demands for speeches, whether pitching for business, addressing the media or making a keynote presentation in a huge conference hall. These speeches may be formal or informal, prepared in advance, or off the cuff.

Whichever they are, they require much the same training as an actor. Receiving expert advice about your voice tonality and how you appear on platform. Rehearsing key effects until they're perfectly polished.

You'll find that good public speaking skills provide big opportunities for you to build credibility, earn higher status and make more money!"
 Carole Spiers

Speaking Masterclass

Join Us in Central London

Friday 10th May 2019

Your Investment: £495 incl. VAT 
Fees include one-hour Skype coaching with Carole any time within 6 weeks of the Masterclass.   Price includes materials, lunch and all refreshments.

Speaking Masterclass

Your Presenter for the Day

Carole Spiers FPSA, FISMA, MIHPE

Carole Spiers is a high-energy motivational speaker able to combine inspiration with insight. Her charismatic style has made her a sought-after keynote speaker working with equal success in the contrasting cultures of the UK and the Middle East.  Carole is a popular Speaker Coach to Senior Executives.

Carole is a Fellow and past President of the London chapter of the Professional Speakers Association and is a fellow and Chair of the International Stress Management Association. Carole is regularly called upon by the national and international media for comment.

Now Bring Charisma and Insight Onto Your Platform.

This exclusive Masterclass is limited to 6 delegates due to the interactive nature of the programme.
This programme can also be delivered in-house and one-to-one Speaker Coaching is available. 

Further Questions Before Making a Decision

If there is anything else you would like to ask, Carole would be delighted to answer your questions by telephone or email. 
So get in touch with her today.

Contact Carole:  [email protected]  Tel:  + 44 (0) 20 8954 1593

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