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Carole Spiers


Challenges at work?  Carole will sort them out.

You can book Carole to deliver insightful motivational speeches at your event, please use the button below to check Carole's availability today!

Meet Carole 

A motivational business speaker in international demand, able to connect successfully with all cultures. She is UK-based, with a second business centre in the UAE.   Carole′s credibility is rooted in over twenty years′ success as an Entrepreneur and CEO of one of the UK′s leading consultancies on Occupational Stress & Employee Wellbeing.

For over 30 years, Carole has been solving problems in commerce and industry.  She's known as 'the problem solver' and 'the firefighter' and has really seen it all.  HR departments will bring Carole in when they need help with anything from executive coaching to post trauma.  She has a solid background in coaching and is more than a capable business woman.  This last one is her trump card when it comes to coaching CEOs in corporations who often feel the softy spoken therapist they saw just didn't 'get' their world and the specific pressures involved.  Carole runs a string of businesses and a charity so she gets it!  

Ahmed, one of her corporate clients from Dubai said, 'if you ever have a real corporate nightmare, she's the one to go to - she'll sort you out!'

Carole is a high energy speaker able to combine inspiration with insight. Her charismatic style and emotional rapport with audiences has earned her immense popularity in the contrasting cultures of the UK and UAE, bringing proven benefits to Blue Chip clients around the world. Her unique flair for engaging with her audience makes her a sought-after Awards Host for high-profile celebrity events. 

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