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Carry True Conviction as a Speaker

The art of convincing the sceptical is the key to being a mover in business. It wins contracts. It motivates teams. It attracts investors. It transforms whole careers.

At your senior level, you need to cultivate the speaking skillset in its most advanced form, under the eye of an expert coach who will fine-tune your own platform performance to the highest degree to ensure you engage with your audience and deliver your speech with impact.

Sought-after Speaker Coach

Carole’s effect on audiences is equaled only by her effect on the bottom-line results of the corporate companies that have been consulting her for thirty years. Her motivational speeches have dramatically changed opinions among many internationally diverse groups. They have also earned her frequent return invitations from all over the world - the ultimate test of an effective speaker.

Now she’s ready to instill the same inspirational qualities in you, equipping you to replicate her own success as sought-after motivational speaker.

Moving up to the Boardroom

Maybe your only view of the boardroom has been from the corridor. Well, you need to know how to recognize that glass ceiling - and get on the right side of it. Are you too shy to assert yourself as a leader? Do you measure up to the high standards expected of you? Have your junior staff got a problem deferring to a woman? All these issues can be resolved through expert coaching.

The Science of Speaking…

The public speaking skillset can be taught systematically, but Carole brings it to life through role play scenarios. You will learn the essentials of a good platform manner, how to use body language, and how to warm-up an audience. The value of repeating key phrases, the use of anecdotes to lighten the atmosphere, as well as the elusive techniques of projecting authority and heightening credibility will all form part of your new skill set.

…and the Pinpointing of Your Own Exclusive Strengths

Carole will critique your own qualities as a speaker to iron-out problems and give your performance that extra polish. Attending to the specifics of voice tonality, hand movements, and general physical presence (even your dress-style must come under scrutiny.) If you experience stage fright, as many top actors do, you can easily overcome it with expert coaching making the critical difference that turns you into the one who can deliver presentations with confidence and impact.

Choose the Delivery that Suits You Best

Different coaching packages are available, depending how much one-to-one time you will need with Carole.

•   Face-to-face   Focused coaching programme – intensive short-term, or year round 
•   By phone        Same in-depth dialogue - conveniently accessed by appointment 
•   By email         Efficient downloadable coaching which you can action when it suits you

Let her focus her twenty years of business success on to your challenges and opportunities - face-to-face, by phone or by email.

Personal Pricing Structure

The coaching packages are designed to suit individual requirements. Why not contact Carole today to discuss the best package for you?


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