The Complete What-Why-When of Pressure & Stress

The Complete What-Why-When of Pressure & Stress


Workplace Stress is Today's Topic ...

So it Needs Today's Training Toolkit.

Stress Management techniques deserve a new priority in your training portfolio.

So order this authoritative toolkit by Carole Spiers, leading international expert on stress.

Designed for Trainers, HR professionals and Managers.

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy This Stress Toolkit:

  1.   No need to spend time preparing a course of your own
  2.   Start immediately with Powerpoint presentation & workbook
  3.   Are you thinking about adding stress management to your training courses portfolio?

You've seen the urgent need to promote stress management techniques and ways to improve wellbeing as a central part of employee training.

But you may not find it practical to outsource a specialist trainer or to devise your own programme.

You'll find the keenly-priced trainer toolkit The Complete What-Why-When of Pressure and Stress fills the gap in every way.  Accessible enough to train your teams at all levels.  Sophisticated enough for HR Specialists too.  Written by Carole Spiers, motivational speaker, trainer and international authority on workplace stress and founder of International Stress Awareness Week.

Yet, this popular 1-stop stress reduction resource costs only £350.00. 

The solution you've been looking for, and a major asset in meeting your training objectives, perhaps for many years.

Identifying the Stress Symptoms …

stress symptoms

  • Stress or pressure - understanding the difference
  • How excessive pressure builds into stress
  • Recognising physical signs of stressed individuals
  • Common stressor-elements in workplace situations
  • The relationship between work and home-related stress

Proven Stress Management Techniques …

Proven stress management

  • Stress Management strategies for the individual
  • Organisational stress management initiatives
  • Developing a healthy lifestyle to build personal resistance
  • Where to go and who to ask when you have a problem
  • Quick and simple ways to test your stress levels

Easy to Use

  • Simply download the PowerPoint slides 
  • Workbook for copying in any number
  • Generic format, usable on any system

“If you’re a professional trainer or HR professional planning to include Stress Management techniques in your next training progamme, then this stress toolkit includes all the materials you need. “John Chivers, HR Manager, Uniflow

Decisively raise your game in stress management training.  

International Stress Awareness Week: 5-9th November 2018

 isma international stress awareness week

The week when stress management techniques and wellbeing are front-of-mind with the media and public.

Best moment to hold your stress-themed training session or presentation - with the aid of The Complete Why-Why-When of Pressure and Stress.


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