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Motivational Speaking That Changes Attitudes and Mindsets

From Carole Spiers, the Sought-after Motivational Speaker Who’s More Than Just Talk!

•     Topical themes that deliver solutions to industry’s challenges 
•     Strong propositions that will convince the sceptical 
•     A platform style that fully engages and involves audiences

Carole is a high-energy, motivational speaker who combines insight with inspiration. That’s why Carole Spiers stays in demand by leaders of blue-chip business around the world and gets asked back again, year after year.

Touching The Mind

Carole tackles business challenges directly with an emphasis on stress, resilience and change. She will show how you can thrive through your people and achieve a healthy workplace culture. Carole believes that charisma alone is not enough. Her solid insights and practical advice wins the attention of her audiences as she delivers proven strategies that can be implemented immediately.

As CEO of her own international stress and wellbeing consultancy, Carole carries total credibility as a leader in the boardroom, and as a top industry expert on Work Stress and Change Management.

Touching The Heart

Carole’s charismatic style and ability to engage emotionally with audiences is known to change attitudes and mindsets. Carole will provide her audience with high-impact presentations that are informative, inspiring and entertaining delivering practical tools to help you retain your competitive edge, to engage with your teams and to retain your existing top talent.

She has earned praise for her platform artistry in conference-halls all over the world, where she has motivated audiences with her blend of professional authority and humour.

Interaction & Response

Carole knows that a motivational speech is not a one-way dialogue. When you achieve audience participation, it means you have succeeded in gaining their interest and made personal rapport too. 

Carole has presented to many of the world’s prestigious organisations and her direct and pragmatic approach challenges, inspires and opens minds to real innovation and lasting change in today’s fast evolving business world. No wonder she is known as the speaker who’s more than just talk!


Carole Spiers - Top Industry Expert on Workplace Stress, Resilience and Mental Wellbeing 

Carole’s inspirational style and range of topics are equally suitable for a curtain-raiser, closing speech or a major keynote. She can also deliver a full-day event with confidence, either as a speaker or conference chair.

A sample of Carole’s Keynote Presentations:

•     The Four Pillars of Resilient Leadership
•     Show Stress Who’s Boss! 
•     Changing Times Demand Positive Leadership! 
•     Forging Relationships through Active Listening 
•     Speaking to Engage and Influence

As a popular BBC guest-broadcaster, Carole is the media's first choice for comment on workplace stress and change management. She is a Fellow and Past President of the Professional Speaking Association, London and Chair of the International Stress Management Association [UK].

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