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These programmes have been delivered to blue-chip clients around the world, from Commercial Bank of Dubai in the UAE to University of the Arts in London, as well as to many international smaller firms, for over 20 years.

How Pressure Turns to Stress

When pressure exceeds one’s ability to cope, it can turn into stress. You’ve heard it said - ‘top tycoons thrive under pressure’. This simply means that some high achievers know how to handle pressure, and manage to escape the harmful effects of stress.

Today’s business environment is based on a dangerous cocktail of the long-hours culture, fast-changing technology, information overload, and frequent organisational changes that disrupt performance. The challenge is how to work effectively while under pressure. Leaders need to get to grips with this issue, because it takes energy and imagination to counter all those challenges and achieve a productive and harmonious working environment.

Promoting Resilience in Whole Teams

It’s not just the high achievers who have to manage stress. Many people at all levels may be experiencing all manner of pressures too. Some of these may relate to their lack of autonomy and poor worklife balance. Others may relate to more personal concerns they’ve felt unable to discuss. A fundamental part of your job is to encourage a resilient attitude to these pressures, so that you can establish a stress-free workplace. You’ll see the difference in reduced absenteeism, improved morale and greater productivity.


Retain Top Talent by Managing Stress

In today’s high-pressure working environment, where time is 'of the essence', senior management must recognise the importance of reducing work-related stress issues so that top talent is retained.

They must learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of stress, build personal and team resilience, and formulate effective stress management procedures.

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